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Thetford Tank Freshener 1.5L. 30272ZK/ 30272DA


Effective fluid for use in the waste water tank and tubing. Reduces deposits and grease contamination, prevents unpleasant smells, promotes trouble-free discharge of your tank and is safe for all plastics.

- Dose 50ml of Tank Freshener per 25 litres of waste water tank capacity.

Cleanoxide Water Treatment, 4G Tablets 8



- Best used the evening before water is needed. Add 1 tablet to your water tank when filling.
  Leave to stand overnight, then water is ready to use.
- Easy and convenient dosing
- Each pack contains 8 x 4g tablets.

Tank Cleen 200G



- An effective remedy for water tainting problems
- Treats up to 182 litres


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