Under Bunk Air Conditioners

If there's no room on your roof, an under bunk air conditioner is a fantastic option for keeping cool on the road. Compact and easy to install, under bunk air conditioners take up very little space in your caravan or motorhome and can be fitted underneath beds, inside storage cupboards, or wherever you have the room.

Under bunk air conditioners come supplied with ducting, allowing you to direct airflow and design cooling zones in your vehicle that suit its layout and your preferences. With simple remote control operation, under bunk air conditioners are a great alternative to traditional rooftop models. Browse our selection below and try it for yourself today.

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Truma Saphir Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner


Space-saving storage compartment air conditioning system with 2400W cooling output and 1700W heating output in heat pump mode.
Truma Saphir comfort RC is a powerful storage compartment air conditioning system that cools very quickly and efficiently.
In cooling mode, the Truma Saphir also dehumidifies and cleans the air with the integrated fluff and particle filters.
Thanks to the reversible cooling circulation system it can also be used as a heater with heat pump.
With a heat output of 1700W, the appliance generates pleasant warmth, especially during spring and autumn.

Kit Includes:

1 x 44035-03 - Truma Saphir Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
1 x 40040-29200 - Intake grill circulation air, rectangular
3 x 40171-05 - End outlet EN black
3 x 40181-01 - End outlet nut, agate grey
3 x 40241-01 - Clamp Duct


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