Truma Combi 2E-Kit LP Gas & Electric Water Heater with Flue Kit (Black)


Compact and lightweight (weighs 14kg without water)
Gas powered (12 volts needed for ignition), with optional 240 volts electricity-powered water heating when connected to mains power.
Independent air and water heating functions (can also work simultaneously)
Functions accessed through user-friendly LCD control panel
High power output (2000 watts)
10 litre durable and leak-proof stainless-steel water tank
Rapid water heating (20 minutes)
97% energy efficiency rating
Equipped with anti-frost technology
Automatic monitoring of temperature
304 Grade stainless steel water tank

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The Truma Combi 2E Water & Air Heater is an intelligent dual-purpose machine designed to provide you with uninterrupted heating and hot water on your next road trip. The Truma Combi 2E gas powered air and water heater is an innovative product that can cater to its two heating tasks both simultaneously and independently. Powered by liquid gas and operating on 12 volts, the system can generate a large 2000 watts heat. All this while remaining environment friendly thanks to its 97% energy efficiency rating.

The functions of the Combi 2E are accessed via an LCD control panel, programmed for user-friendly operation. The appliance comes with a stainless steel 10 litre water tank which is both weatherproof and leakage resistant. It heats water in as little as 20 minutes (80 minutes with the air heater operational), with the additional ability to mix and heat water while you shower. The product is equipped with performance enhancing features including a safety sensor, self-draining mechanism and anti-frost technology.

The system is ducted (65mm ducting to be purchased separately) and comes with three outlet vents. Despite its high-performance rating, the Combi 2E range is highly conservative in its fuel consumption, and minimal in its weight and dimensions. This maintenance-free dual-purpose air and water heater is the ultimate companion for a state-of-the-art motor home.

Recreational vehicle air heating and hot water heating combined into one compact unit. This Truma Combi 2E enables you to deliver water heating simultaneously or standalone room heating. The Truma Combi 2E requires 12 volts for ignition and operates on gas, the water heater also runs on 240-volt power when supplied. The temperature can also be fluctuated by the ergonomic control panel during winter operation, the RV is heated, and the water is warmed up at the same time.

During the summer period the units' water is only warmed up. The cylindrical shape of the stainless steel 10 litre boiler lets the water be mixed more efficiently therefor enabling the Truma 2E to heat up more evenly and rapidly which lets you enjoy those toasty soothing long showers every adventurer deserves without having to alter the devices settings.

The heater can be operated even though the boiler is empty plus given the sleek innovative design delivers you greater flexibility when choosing your desired installation area. The hot air duct, gas, and water connections are built into the side of the unit adjusting and servicing a simplistic operation. Truma also having designed the futuristic microprocessor ensures you to have a high level of safety when using the appliance therefor ticking all the boxes when trying to choose which hot water system combo is best for you.

Kit Includes:

1 x 33113-27 - Truma Combi 2E-Kit L.P Gas & Electric Water Heater
1 x 36230-09 - Flue Kit Combi E - Black
4 x 40171-05 - Air Outlet
4 x 40241-01 - Clamp-Duct
4 x 40181-01 - Nut for Air Outlet
1 x 40040-29200 - Grill Air Intake

Suits: Caravans and Motorhomes (not suitable for marine applications)
Includes: Flue kit and controller
Outlet Vents: 3
Energy source: LPG or 240v (12v connection required for automatic gas ignition)
Operating pressure: 2.75 kPa
Water Capacity: 10L
Water pump pressure: Max 2.8 bar
Water heating time: Approx. 23 min
Heater & Water time: Approx 90 min
Thermal output electrical operation (240v): 980 W / 1960 W
Thermal output mixed operation (gas and electric): 3900W
Thermal output gas operation: 1950W
Gas Consumption: 130 g/h
Air flow rate- 3 outlets: max 249 m3/h
Air flow rate- 4 outlets: max 287 m3/h
Power consumption: Temp max of 5.6 A (average power consumption 1.1A)
Rest current: Approx. 0.001 A
Weight: 16.8kg
Dimensions: 500 mm x 540 mm x 350 mm

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Truma Combi 2E-Kit LP Gas & Electric Water Heater with Flue Kit (Black)




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