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The Truma Aventa Air Conditioner is a blend of power and elegance, offering a dual comfort function in one device. With a cooling capacity of 2400 watts and a heating capacity of 1700 watts, it's perfect for vehicles up to 6.5m in length. The Aventa Air Conditioner features a sleep function for quieter interior cooling and a timer function for added convenience. Despite its powerful performance, it's extremely lightweight at only 33 kg. The energy-saving heat pump function ensures a comfortable onboard temperature, while the air is dehumidified and cleaned through a honeycomb-shaped air filter system. Its LED lighting can be dimmed to suit your mood. The kit includes the Truma Aventa Comfort A/C and an air distributor, making it a top choice for those seeking a powerful yet aesthetically pleasing air conditioning solution.

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Truma Aventa comfort an extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing comfort solution.
With two comfort functions in one device, the Aventa comfort offers powerful cooling and energy saving heating.
With 1700 watts of heating power, the energy saving heat pump function ensures a pleasant on board temperature.
At the same time, the air is dehumidified and cleaned by means of a honeycombed shaped air filter system.
The Aventa comfort is extremely lightweight and also features LED lighting which can be dimmed.
It can be retrofitted quickly and easily in standard roof vent cut out of 400 x 400 mm.

Kit Includes:

1 x 44091-52 - Truma Aventa Comfort A/C
1 x 40801-02 - Aventa comfort air distributor

Weight: 33kg
Depth: 1008 mm
Height: 248mm
Width: 660mm
Input voltage: 240V
Heating capacity: 1.7kW
Cooling capacity: 2.4kW

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Truma Air Conditioner - Aventa




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