Tow Secure TS2000 Breakaway Control + Harness with Tekonsha Switch.


Breakaway kits are required on all Caravans or Trailers that exceed 2000kg that use electric brakes. The unit will engage the caravans brakes if the caravan detaches from the tow vehicle.

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The TS2000 uses the battery in your RV as its source of energy storage meaning that without an internal battery it is nice and compact. It features a 5m wiring harness to connect to the RVs battery which it will not draw power from while on standby.

It has a wireless receiver which is housed on the dash so that the driver can monitor the battery status via LED and audible alarms. The control module performs a 'self-test' every time the tow vehicles' engine is started to ensure everything is operable and whilst towing. The control module can be paired with multiple wireless receivers - this may be required if the same trailer is towed by different vehicles.


- Reduced size thanks to no internal battery
- No power draw while on standby
- 5m Wiring Harness
- Power indicating LED

Operation: 12V
12V Battery Monitor that connects to a cigarette outlet
Control Module Dimensions:
Width: 177mm
Height: 80mm
Depth: 53mm

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