Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router with GPS - Int Antenna. ZT-4GGPS


Enjoy all the convenience of Wi-Fi when you are on the road with this 4G mobile Wi-fi Router. Simply insert a 3G or 4G data sim to enable internet access on all your devices connected to your wi-fi network.

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This router also features an inbuilt GPS which will allow you to obtain the location of your Caravan or Motorhome at any time.


- Provide Wi-Fi on the road using a 3G or 4G data sim
- GPS Tracking - locate your caravan or motorhome in the event of theft (requires 4G Data/Voice SIM)
- In-built flash drive USB sharing allows you to wirelessly stream movies, music or other files to any device on the network without using any data
- Wi-Fi Extender - can be used to connect to external Wi-Fi networks (e.g Caravan Park free wifi)
- Optimised for Telstra but can configured for other ISPs - Optus, amaysim, Vaya, iiNet, TPG, Dodo, Virgin, Vodafone, Kogan

Power consumption: 150mA @12V
+/- negative wires (no plug) allows for versatile wiring solutions.
WiFi Range (open air): +100 meters
4 x LAN Ports
1 x USB Port
GPS tracking requires 4G Data/Voice SIM

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Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router with GPS - Int Antenna. ZT-4GGPS




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