Solar Panel Blanket Canvas 200W



- 3-stage PWM Charge Management
- USB 2A USB Port

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Blanket solar panels are much lighter and take up less space compared to traditional fold-up solar panels. This 12V 200W solar panel weighs just 6.8kg. When not in use, it folds down to just 512mm wide by 360mm high, small enough to easily stow away in a storage cupboard. When you want to use it, simply unfold and lay on the ground or across your car's windscreen. A charge controller is included, so you can connect directly to a GEL, flooded or SLA battery without any additional hardware. The charge controller also includes a 2A USB charging outlet, perfect for charging mobile phones, tablets, and other devices in an emergency. Built with high grade monocrystalline solar panels, and safety features including short circuit, open circuit, reverse polarity, overload, and dual MOSFET reverse current protection. A carry bag is supplied with a built-in pouch for accessory storage.


1 x 200W Canvas Blanket Solar Panel
1 x Solar Cahrge Controller
2 x Leads




Solar Panel - Unfolded
Width: 1070mm
Height: 1032mm
Weight: 6.2kg

Solar Panel - Folded
Width: 512mm
Height: 360mm

Charge Controller
Width: 134mm
Height: 34mm
Depth: 70mm
Weight: 154g


Continuous Power: 200W
Charge Controller Technology: Pulse Width Modulated (PWM)
Max PV Open Circuit Voltage: 48V
Max Charging Current: 20A
Max Load Current: 20A
Solar panel type: Monocrystalline
Mounting Method: Folding Portable
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.7V
Short Circuit Current: 9.8A
Voltage at Power Max: 18V
Current at Power Max: 9.5A

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