Shower Kits

Discover the comprehensive range of shower kits. With everything from shower boxes to stands, we offer you the components to build a refreshing, efficient and affordable shower system in your caravan or RV. There's no need to compromise on comfort when on the road - discover the range below and upgrade your setup today!

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External Shower Box WaterMarked Black

  • Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally with soap holder feature moulded into the body.
  • Hand Shower Holder can be fitted inside of the door to suit mounting orientation
  • Watermarked Approved tap and fittings
  • Supplied with soft backing gasket

Shower Stand Outdoor 2300mm


This outdoor shower stand is ideal for the campsite, beach house or your next outdoor adventure. The adjustable height and flow controls make the shower suitable for any size of user!

It can also be used with other portable water pumps and connects directly to a standard garden hose. Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble.


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