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Dometic Harrier Lite Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with Remote Control, ADB incl

$2,145.00 $2,390.00

Dometic's compact RV inverter air conditioner that is destined to become an industry favourite. Incorporating the best features from both the Harrier and Ibis 4 Dometic has achieved a powerful yet lightweight innovation. The Dometic Harrier Lite is powered by a dual-cylinder inverter compressor and is 29% smaller, 14% lower and 18% lighter than its big brother, it the ideal choice for small & medium size vehicles.
The sleek internal air distribution box has independent vent adjustment with inbuilt LED lighting making it practical with an ultra modern look.

The Harrier has four different operation modes, heating, cooling, outside ventilation & dehumidification all which can be controlled with a touch of a button on the stylish remote. With the Harrier also being able to handle a huge ambient temperature range you get complete climate control with outside temperatures between -2 degrees & +52 degrees.

The variable speed compressor in the Harrier Lite reduces noise, minimises power consumption and vibration, and has an improved sleep mode for complete sleeping comfort.

An additional feature of the Harrier Lite is it can be installed into either a 360x360 or 400x400 roof opening without modification. This provides easy installation & upgrade of almost any roof top air conditioner.

Dometic Harrier Plus Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with Remote Control, ADB incl


The new Dometic Harrier Plus is a powerful RV rooftop air conditioner that is a must-have for caravan owners that wish to stay comfortable on their journey. The Harrier Plus has reduced noise, new dual cylinder inverter compressor, reduced weight, new ABD with a lower profile and a 4-speed fan including turbo mode for rapid cooling or heating with a powerful output.

The advanced dual-cylinder inverter compressor, with lower noise and vibration, also helps to eliminate start-up current issues when running from generators or if current supply is restricted. With the ability to maintain the compressor output, the energy consumption, noise and vibration are kept to a minimum. The Dometic Harrier Plus is consistent with the rest of Dometic's smartly designed rooftop range and is suitable to fit 360 x 360 mm and 400 x 400 mm roof openings.

The innovative dual-cylinder inverter compressor has a patented design that helps reduce vibration and provides improved performance over conventional compressors. It's the kind of smart design that puts Dometic air-conditioners in a league of their own and allows RV owners to enjoy cool and refreshing air at the touch of a button.

Truma Aventa Comfort Air Conditioner


Truma Aventa comfort an extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing comfort solution.
With two comfort functions in one device, the Aventa comfort offers powerful cooling and energy saving heating.
With 1700 watts of heating power, the energy saving heat pump function ensures a pleasant on board temperature.
At the same time, the air is dehumidified and cleaned by means of a honeycombed shaped air filter system.
The Aventa comfort is extremely lightweight and also features LED lighting which can be dimmed.
It can be retrofitted quickly and easily in standard roof vent cut out of 400 x 400 mm.

Kit Includes:

1 x 44091-52 - Truma Aventa Comfort A/C
1 x 40801-02 - Aventa comfort air distributor

Truma Aventa Comfort Plus Air Conditioner


The Aventa compact plus roof-mounted air conditioning system impresses with maximum power in a minimum amount of space. The housing is compact yet boasts 2,200 watts of cooling power. This gives it an extra 500 watts of power compared to the Aventa compact making it in no way inferior to its younger sibling.

The Aventa compact plus is as small as it is light, so it fits on almost any leisure vehicle roof. This applies even if the roof-mounted air conditioning system shares the space with a top-box, solar panel and satellite dish. With its considerable cooling capacity, it's not just ideal for smaller van conversions. The Aventa compact plus is also suitable for larger motorhomes, beneficial if you want to powerfully cool several areas at once. It extracts moisture from the air at the same time as it cools, which contributes to a pleasant room climate.

The compressor noise has been minimised, making the Aventa compact plus one of the quietest and lightweight roof-mounted air conditioning systems on the market.

The Air distributor small's individual adjustment options ensure that the cool air is distributed exactly where you want it. All you need to do is adjust the air outlets according to your personal preferences. The Air distributor small is designed to be so flat that the passage height is barely affected.

To operate the air conditioning system, use the remote control supplied or the CP plus digital control unit (sold separately). The Aventa compact plus can also be integrated into the iNet system and controlled via an app.

Kit Includes:

1 x 44300-04 - Truma Aventa Compact A/C. (Roof Top)
1 x 40801-04 - Aventa ADB small

Dometic Ibis 4 Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with Remote Control, ADB included


The Dometic Ibis 4 makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top unit. The new-generation compressor with inverter technology used in the Dometic Ibis 4 ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment.

In addition to the performance improvements from the Ibis 3, the Dometic Ibis 4 also features several refinements to the build of the rooftop unit. The shell of the rooftop unit has been redesigned with strong EPP materials to ensure a lightweight build. Weighing in at only 40 kg, the Dometic Ibis 4 is significantly lighter than its predecessor. The length and width have also seen significant reductions in size, resulting in a much more compact rooftop unit. The Dometic Ibis 4 has the option to be fitted to both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings, a first for the Ibis series.


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