Portable Solar Panels

Most modern caravans now come equipped with solar panels but when your campsite isn't quite right or your batteries need an extra boost, portable solar panels are your best friend. You don't just need a caravan though: camping solar panels can help take you out of the dark ages and add some modern touches to your annual camping trips. Whether you just want to keep your phone charged in case of emergencies or power a portable fridge to keep your food fresh, portable solar panels can make a massive difference to your quality of life at camp.

We stock a wide range of models including Dometic solar panels and Camec solar panels in several different sizes. Browse the selection below and lift the level of your next trip away.

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Camec 120W Folding Solar Panels with 15A Reg



- 15A regulator included.
- Size of solar cell: 156 x 156mm

Camec Folding Solar Panels 160W



- 15A regulator included.
- Size of solar cell: 156 x 156mm

Dometic Solar Panel PS120A (120W)


Utilise the sun as an alternative power source to recharge anywhere with this portable folding solar panel kit. The high performance 120 W solar panels have inbuilt 10 A heavy duty voltage regulator.

Dometic Solar Panel PS180A (180W)


Perfect for adventurers away from mains power for long periods of time, the Dometic PS180A portable solar panel provides a reliable source of power for charging batteries and powering anything else with a 12 volt system.


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