Plumbing Hoses & Fittings

When it comes to keeping your caravan's plumbing in top condition, we have you covered. Our comprehensive selection of plumbing hoses and fittings is carefully chosen for its durability and performance. Sourced from renowned brands like John Guest and Navigator, you can rely on us for products that can weather the challenges of the open road.

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John Guest Watermark Female Adaptor 12mm MW451213


Push-fit plastic fitting for the connection of plastic and copper pipe. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by John Guest Speedfit. Simply push the fitting fully onto the pipe and twist the plastic nut clockwise to lock in place. Should the need arise to demount the connection unlock the nut and push the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release. The fitting ensures an easier working environment in confined places and removes the need for hot works on site. Installation can be reduced by around 40% against traditional fixing methods. Note: With all plastic pipes the relevant manufacturer's pipe insert is required.

John Guest 12mm Red Locking Clip in Bags of 100. PM1812R



- Prevents leaks or release when pipe is forced to a side
- These can be removed if the fitting is to be removed
- Essential if pipe does not meet fitting at correct angle
- Made in the UK
- 1 year warranty

Navigator Sullage Buddy


The Navigator Sullage Buddy is all you need for a stylish and compact storage of your sullage hose whilst travelling and/or caravanning. Durable bag.


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