Oztent Red-Belly HotSpot Ultra-Lite Chair

$249.99 $279.99

One of Australia's favourite camping brands, Oztent is back with a fantastic new addition to the range.

At only 3.7kg, the Red-Belly HotSpot Chair is ultra-light and ultra-comfortable, with 4 insulated HotSpot pockets that hold Oztent's HotSpot pouches to keep you warm, morning and night.

Strong and reliable, the Red-Belly HotSpot Chair has a 200kg weight rating and all of the comfort features we've come to expect from Oztent, including market-leading lumbar support.

Step your camping up a level and try it for yourself today.

A brand new innovation from Oztent, the Red-Belly HotSpot Chair is ultra light (only 3.7kg total) and also includes HotSpot features to keep you warm. It also incorporates the same great features you've come to love from Oztent chairs including lumbar support, super high-quality construction, and a massive 200kg weight rating.

The new Red-Belly HotSpot Chair includes 4 insulated pockets designed to hold up to 4 HotSpot Pouches for an incredible passive heating experience. It also comes with 2 x free HotSpot Pouches.

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Adjustable lumbar support
Ultra Lightweight
Soft comfort-forming armrests
200kg weight rating
Headrest for carry bag storage


Setup Size:
Length: 61cm
Width: 96cm
Height: 105cm

Packed Size:
Length: 107cm
Width: 28cm
Height: 28cm
Weight: 3.7kg

Seat Height from Ground: 47cm

Seat Width: 64cm

Seat Depth: 45cm

Backrest Height from Seat: 66cm


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Oztent Red-Belly HotSpot Ultra-Lite Chair

$249.99 $279.99



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