Outback Tracks Caravan Rollout Awning Kit

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At last, you can easily secure your awning with this great kit from Outback Tracks, the designers & manufacturers of innovative products such as Ground Dog screw in pegs (Stainless Steel), and Big Dog screw in pegs (Large Alloy pegs for soft ground and gravel conditions).

The Rollout Awning Anchor Kit allows you to easily secure your awning legs vertically.


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How easy is this!

Detach and position the awning leg vertically, simply slip the Awning Anchor Plate over the bar on the foot of the awning leg.  Once in place, screw a Ground Dog screw in peg with orange Wing Collar into each hole of the anchor plate, using a drill driver with the 19mm socket provided, or your stabiliser leg hand crank.

To provide extra anchoring for very windy conditions or when your awning legs are attached, the kit also contains two High-Viz Tie-down Straps with Metal Cam Buckles & two Retaining Clips to stop that annoying strap end piece from flapping around!

Another innovation is the rubber Safety Springs made from strong and weather resistant EPDM rubber compound. The Safety Spring is designed to replace those dangerous metal springs, and a great idea if you have kids running around. They are easily attached to the Tie Down Straps and click into the Hook Collar of the Ground Dog screw in pegs.

The Roll Out Awning Anchor kit

  • Suits most Rollout Awnings
  • Allows different options when setting up the awning
    • One leg free standing vertically, and the other leg attached to the caravan
    • Both legs free standing vertically
    • Both Legs attached to the caravan

Included in the Rollout Awning Anchor Kit:

  • 4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Wing Collars
  • 2 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Hook Collars
  • 2 x Awning Anchor Plates
  • 2 x High Viz Tie Down Straps
  • 2 x Safety Springs
  • 4 x Awning Hooks
  • 1 x 19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor
  • 1 x Canvas Bag

The benefit of a vertical awning leg is that it gives a clear walkway around the caravan, there is no need to duck under diagonal awning legs.  A vertical awning leg also gives a better view to appreciate the surrounding area and most of all - NO more awning arm to hit your head on, and NO tie down rope to trip over!


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Outback Tracks Caravan Rollout Awning Kit

$150.00 $199.00