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Founded in 2015, Outback Tracks is an Australian-owned family business dedicated to supporting adventure in all its forms. Designed for camping, caravanning and 4WD, Outback Track's range of rugged accessories, anchor kits, and recovery kits are perfect for securing tents and awnings and getting you unstuck when you're out in the bush. Browse the selection below and find the product that's right for your setup!

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Outback Tracks Caravan Rollout Awning Kit

$150.00 $199.00

How easy is this!

Detach and position the awning leg vertically, simply slip the Awning Anchor Plate over the bar on the foot of the awning leg.  Once in place, screw a Ground Dog screw in peg with orange Wing Collar into each hole of the anchor plate, using a drill driver with the 19mm socket provided, or your stabiliser leg hand crank.

To provide extra anchoring for very windy conditions or when your awning legs are attached, the kit also contains two High-Viz Tie-down Straps with Metal Cam Buckles & two Retaining Clips to stop that annoying strap end piece from flapping around!

Another innovation is the rubber Safety Springs made from strong and weather resistant EPDM rubber compound. The Safety Spring is designed to replace those dangerous metal springs, and a great idea if you have kids running around. They are easily attached to the Tie Down Straps and click into the Hook Collar of the Ground Dog screw in pegs.

The Roll Out Awning Anchor kit

  • Suits most Rollout Awnings
  • Allows different options when setting up the awning
    • One leg free standing vertically, and the other leg attached to the caravan
    • Both legs free standing vertically
    • Both Legs attached to the caravan

Included in the Rollout Awning Anchor Kit:

  • 4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Wing Collars
  • 2 x Ground Dog screw in pegs with Hook Collars
  • 2 x Awning Anchor Plates
  • 2 x High Viz Tie Down Straps
  • 2 x Safety Springs
  • 4 x Awning Hooks
  • 1 x 19mm Socket & Drill Adaptor
  • 1 x Canvas Bag

The benefit of a vertical awning leg is that it gives a clear walkway around the caravan, there is no need to duck under diagonal awning legs.  A vertical awning leg also gives a better view to appreciate the surrounding area and most of all - NO more awning arm to hit your head on, and NO tie down rope to trip over!


Security Cable 5M


Secure all your outdoor gear with a Security Cable

Have peace of mind, while you are out for the day, by locking up your outdoor valuables. Thread the 5M Security Cable through all your outdoor gear and secure your valuables from opportunist thieves.

Ideal for securing outdoor furniture, BBQ's, caravan steps, and bicycles.

*Cable only. Lock not included.

Security Cable 5M:

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Security Cable
5m length
4.0mm diameter, and 7×19 multi stranded cable (that is 133 strands of stainless steel wire)
Cannot be cut with side cutters or bolt cutters

Wheel Lock Cable


Secure your caravan, boat trailer or camper with a Coated Wheel Lock Cable

The Coated Wheel Lock Cable is easier to instal than a wheel clamp, and is less bulky and lighter to carry while on the road.

The Coated Wheel Lock Cable suits both single and dual axles. The coating helps to protect the wheels from being badly scratched.

The Coated Wheel Lock Cable is a preventative measure to reduce the chances of your caravan from being towed away, or your wheels being stolen.

*Cable only. Lock not included.

Coated Wheel Lock Cable:

- Designed with a PVC Coating
- Cable is 6.0mm G316 Marines Grade Stainless Steel
- 7 x 7 Multi stranded cable
- Weighs less than 500 gram
- Available for single and dual axles
- Can be used in conjunction with a coupling lock

Trail-A-Mate Cable


Secure your Trail a Mate with a security cable

Lock up your Trailer Mate Front Lift and Jack and protect from theft.

This cable can also be used to lock up the caravan spare tyre, or bicycles on a bike rack.

*Cable only. Lock not included.

Canvas Zip Bag (special order)


Keep all your loose ends in one Canvas Zip Bag

The Canvas Zip Bag is ideal to keep all your caravan and camping accessories in one bag. No more looking for things while you should be relaxing and enjoying your outdoor experience.

Place all your screw in tent pegs, High Vis Tie Down Straps and Safety Springs etc. in one bag, and zip up to ensure all items are kept safe and secure.

You have every thing you need in one place.

Tie Down Straps (set of 2)


High viz Tie Down Straps help to secure awnings, tents and tarps

The Tie Down Straps are extremely versatile, and consist of two parts:

The shorter strap has a loop on one end, and a metal cam buckle at the other end. The loop allows the tie down strap to be securely fitted over the the awning track
The longer section has a loop on one end. The loop is fastened through the safety spring, and the other end of the strap fits into the metal cam buckle to control the strap tension

The Tie Down Straps can be used on Caravan awnings, tent poles, and multi purpose tarp grippers!

The high viz Tie Down Straps come in a pack of two, and include two retaining clips. The retaining clips are used to hold down the loose end of the tie down strap.

High Viz Tie Down Straps

- 25mm wide
- Yellow – high visability
- Polyester webbing – used in the manufacture of outdoor and safety equipment
- Simple to attach
- No more tangled ropes
- Retaining clip to hold down loose end of tie down strap
- Metal Cam Buckle – long lifespan

Use in conjunction with:

- Ground Dog screw in peg
- Ground Puppy screw in peg
- Big Dog screw in peg
- Ground Grabba screw in sand peg
-Safety Spring

Awning Tie Down Clips (2 Pack)


Secure your awning with Awning Tie Down Clips

The Awning Tie Down Clips are stainless-steel clips that simply clip over your awning tube, when rolled out to help secure and tie-down your awning. This helps protect it against winds and gusty weather. (Can be used with Ground Dogs Rollout Awning Anchor Kits).

Awning Hooks (10 Pack)


Awning Hooks give you extra hanging space under your awning

The Awning Hooks are a perfect solution to hang items from most awnings. The Awning Hooks are lightweight and easy to slide into the sail track.

Best suited to caravan and RV Awnings , but NOT suitable for Fiamma or most car mounted awnings.

It is recommend that you hang only light to medium weight items from your awning.


Easy to slide into track
Hole to insert coat hanger
Hooks for hanging small items
Durable plastic
Lightweight and easy to store

Door Latch Extension


The Caravan Door Latch Extension solves a common problem in many caravans that are unable to open their windows when the door is also open. The Caravan Door Latch Extension fits into the existing wireframe of the door latch, so there are no modifications needed. They are fully adjustable so you can get the maximum opening of the door and clearance for your window.


Easy to attach to existing caravan door latch
Wing nut to adjust to the length required
Full extends up to 280mm

Tarp Grippers single


The Tarp Gripper is a multi purpose gripper.

The Tarp Gripper has many uses, it can be used with tent poles to secure a tarps or tent, or used to replace a broken eyelet on a tarps, or to prevent an eyelet from tearing out.

The Tarp Gripper is made from reinforced nylon right here in Australia.

Tarp Grippers are very versitile and can be used to hold ropes and poles in place when an eyelet is damaged or ripped. You can place a tarp gripper on the edge of your gazebo to hang a torch etc.


Corrugated edges to give good grip
Tightening mechanism with wing nut to lock and hold securely
Made of reinforced Nylon

Anti Flap Kit


Reduce the awning flap by using the Awning Anti Flap Kit

An effective way to reduce the noice of the awning flapping in the wind, is to use the Awning Anti Flap Kit.

The Tarp Gripper is fastened on to the awning, a bungee cord is wrapped around the caravan awning arm and hooked onto the Tarp Gripper to hold it securely. Once it is in place it reduces the amount of flap and noise on the awning!


Corrugated edges to hold awning
Tightening mechanism with wing nut to lock and hold awning in place
Bungee cord with stopper
Easy thread & hook system

The Awning Anti Flap Kit is ideal to use on Gazebos to reduce the flap, limit irritating noise, and hold the panels firmly so that water does not pool on top.

The Awning Anti Flap Kit is perfect to secure the skirt of the awning to prevent it from flapping and making a noise.

Rain Saver Gutter Kit (with Leaf Guard)


A Great way to catch rain water if your free camping!

The Original Rain Saver Gutter Kit contains:

10 Gutter Clips (suits 4m awning)
Bucket with pre-stamped hole and lid
Bucket fitting with O-ring
Snap on hose connector
3 Ball Bungee Cords Installation instructions

This kit contains 10 Gutter clips to suite a 4m awning.

*clip numbers to suit van/awning sizes are approximate and dependent on length, thickness and style of awning valance fabric*

10 Clips SUITS - up to approx 4m awning
12 Clips SUITS - up to approx 5m awning
14 Clips SUITS - up to approx 6m awning
16 Clips SUITS - up to approx 7m awning
18 Clips SUITS - up to approx 8m awning

19mm Socket


All Ground Dog screw in pegs have been designed with a 19mm hex head. This is the same size socket that is used on caravan stabilizer legs, which means you only need to carry one socket size

19mm Socket and Drill Adaptor

19mm Socket
Drill Adaptor

Can be used on:

Ground Dog screw in peg
Ground Puppy screw in peg
Big Dog screw in peg
Ground Grabba screw in peg

Anchor Plate Kit


The ultimate way to secure your awning is with an Awning Anchor Plate Kit

When it comes to securing a vertical caravan leg, the Awning Anchor Plate Kit is the ideal solution.

A vertical caravan leg allows you to wonder freely around your caravan without having to walk around the angled awning leg, or duck to avoid hitting it.

By repositioning the caravan awning leg, you no longer have a bar obstructing your view, allowing you to appreciate the view and your surrounding area.

The kit includes:

4 x Ground Dog screw in pegs
4 x Wing Collars
2 x Anchor plates
1 x 19mm Socket with Drill Adaptor


Ground Dog screw in pegs with aggressive thread and tappered shaft
Bright orange wing collars
Unique stainless steel Awning Anchor Plate
19mm socket and Drill Adaptor

Safety Spring


The Safety Spring is a safer alternative to dangerous metal springs!

Made from a strong and durable rubber compound, the Safety Spring has been developed as a safer and strong alternative to the dangerous metal camping spring. The Safety Spring is perfect for where a bit of "give" is required. The figure 8 design of the Safety Spring allows you to attach a High Viz Tie Down Strap on one loop, and hook the second loop onto the Hook Collar, of the Ground Dog screw in peg.


Made from a durable rubber compound
12mm diameter rubber
32mm internal diameter
180mm long
Figure 8 design

Prevent Injury!

Kicking toes and feet on metal dangerous springs is not fun and ruin a holiday! Avoid this happening to you, or your family!

With the Safety Spring there are no more sharp metal parts to catch fingers & feet!!

Kids can play round more freely without the concern of them getting hurt.

Ground Grabba Sand Peg


Ground Grabba screw in pegs are the best pegs for the beach Our Ground Grabba screw in sand peg is ideal for car awnings on the beach, and camping in sandy country.

These tough 400mm fibre glass reinforced plastic screw in pegs won't rust, and the 45mm flute helps to secure the peg in the sand.

These brightly coloured screw in pegs are highly visible to avoid tripping or inquiry.

Easy to screw in and remove from the sand.

Don't go to the beach without them!Features:

Tough fibre glass reinforced plastic
400mm long screw in sand peg
45mm flutes
19mm hex head
Hook to attach strap
Orange for high visability


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