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Stay connected and on course with our unmatched selection of RV navigation and communication solutions. From UHF radios to cutting-edge GPS systems, our products ensure you're always headed in the right direction, able to keep safe and in contact with the wider world with clarity and convenience.Explore the range below and discover leading brands like WiTi for seamless navigation and communication.

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WiTi GPS incorporates a GPS module for tracking and monitoring the caravan or trailer.
An IOS or Android App is available for free download and provides information on the location of the caravan / trailer as well as key information such as battery voltage and alarm status. The App also provides alerts for alarm activation, low battery voltage and battery disconnect.
Tracking and alerting is priced from $49 per year. This is charged on registration of the GPS. See the WiTi website for more information.

Transceiver 80ch UHF Pair with battery


Everything you need for mobile CB communications. 80 channel UHF CB radios complete with rechargeable batteries, dual charger cradle and a range of accessories. They have 0.5 watt output for up to 5km transmission range and CTCSS function. Ideal for bushwalking, camping, sports, etc.


A few things to note are the channel allocation. Channels 5 & 35 are reserved for emergency only, and misuse of these channels carries hefty fines or jail time. Besides these, the truckies use channel 40, 18 is the caravan and campers channel. Channels 1-8 and 31-38 are for repeater use, the latest standard states that 41 - 48 and 71 - 78 may also become available for repeater operation to supplement the other repeater channels. Presently speech telephony is inhibited on channels 22 and 23 (i.e. data only). Channels 61, 62, and 63 are currently are not activated on all UHF units until approved by the ACMA at sometime in the future (In about 5 years time).

Transceiver UHF 2W 80CH Pk2 - Black


A pair of advanced 80 channel UHF transceivers for professional or recreational use. Compact in appearance but feature packed with a VOX hands-free function, CTCSS & DCS, PTT IT transmit, a group call mode, emergency alarm, and much more. An LED at the top helps shine the way at night, and an FM radio is also integrated so you can listen to important broadcasts or for entertainment purposes. A feature not seen in many other models is the Stun, Kill and Revive function. This enables you to use the second similar transceiver to send a signal that prevents unauthorised use of a lost or misplaced transceiver. The high capacity 1300mAh Li-ion battery can last up to 13 hours of average use, and a lower power mode helps extend battery life when long range communication isn't required. A mains powered charging cradle is supplied to keep the battery charged.


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