Milenco Torque Wrench & Wheel Nut Indicators - 24 pack



Easy to set and use
Calibrated in newton meters
Easily stored in vehicle
Secure your wheels and avoid damage to your vehicle
Complete with Plastic Storage Case
Extension bar included for hard to reach places
Always torque tighten wheel nuts in strict accordance with caravan manufactures instructions.

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A major issue for any caravan user is the risk of caravan wheels working loose and detaching from the vehicle, resulting in potential catastrophic damage or severe injury.

This is an essential piece of safety equipment for anybody who tows or drives a recreational vehicle. This enables the user to correctly torque the caravan wheels to the manufacturers specification and to maintain that torque at the correct level to prevent the wheel nuts or bolts working loose.


Torque Wrench Includes:

1 x Torque Wrench
1 x Extension Bar
1 x 19mm deep socket
1 x 21mm deep socket
1 x Plastic storage case
24 x Wheel Nut Indicators

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Milenco Torque Wrench & Wheel Nut Indicators - 24 pack




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