Milenco Quattro 1 Level Pairs in Bags


4 step level
Tall lift (160mm)
High-grip tread surface
Solid Base - Prevent caving into soft surfaces

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This is the new and improved version of the market leading Quattro Level. It is one of the tallest lifting (160mm) and the only 4 Step level on the market. This is also Europe's best selling large Level.
The Level incorporates a lattice, high-grip upper tread surface. They pocket the wheel at every height eliminating the need for chocks. They have a solid base to stop sinking on soft ground or sand. High grip leading edge preventing slippage when approaching and avoiding the need for gripper plates.
This is a high quality and innovative product and has won multiple awards and has multiple patents worldwide.


Height: 20cm
Width: 24.5cm
Length: 81cm

Height of each step:
Weight: 3.8kg per level
Capacity 1500kg per wheel = 6000kg Motorhome or 3000kg Caravan

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Milenco Quattro 1 Level Pairs in Bags




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