Milenco Grand Aero Platinum Towing Mirrors - Twin Pack


Milenco's Aero Platinum Towing Mirror is a must-have for any caravan owner. Specially designed to fit the tapered mirrors now found on many cars, the Aero Platinum uses large, rubber-faced gripper plates to attach securely to your vehicle's wing mirrors.

Built to last, the Aero Platinum is made from stainless steel and brass in key areas to offer strength and corrosion resistance, while premium chrome glass ensures scratch resistance and a long lifespan.

Make towing your caravan safer with Milenco and the Aero Platinum Towing Mirror.

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- Sold as a pair with carry bag.
- Highest quality automotive chrome glass
- Aerodynamic air balanced head to minimize vibration
- Larger diameter arm for enhanced stability
- Sprung loaded gripper plate that forms to shape of vehicle mirror
- 50% larger mirror pads compared to standard Aero 3 pads
- Larger clamp body with increased depth for more versatile and secure fitment.
- Stainless steel and brass in key areas to prevent corrosion
- New enhanced rubberized surfaces on both clamp and pad
- Fits all vehicles including Range / Land Rovers, all BMW X series models
- 2021 Land Rover Defenders as with the original Defender fits on the bottom of vehicle mirror. Please see images below.

Head: 22H x 17W x 15Lcm
Arm: Adjustable to reach 41cm
Mirror Type: Convex

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Milenco Grand Aero Platinum Towing Mirrors - Twin Pack




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