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Navigate the great outdoors with our maps and GPS systems from BMPRO and WiTi. Designed for the intrepid traveler, these navigational aids ensure that you can always find your way, whether you're navigating bustling city streets or exploring serene backcountry trails. Wherever your journey takes you, ensure you always know where you're going - explore the range below and stay connected throughout your travels.

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WiTi GPS incorporates a GPS module for tracking and monitoring the caravan or trailer.
An IOS or Android App is available for free download and provides information on the location of the caravan / trailer as well as key information such as battery voltage and alarm status. The App also provides alerts for alarm activation, low battery voltage and battery disconnect.
Tracking and alerting is priced from $49 per year. This is charged on registration of the GPS. See the WiTi website for more information.


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