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Discover a selection of indispensable laundry accessories at ShopRVParts. We provide everything from sturdy clothes hangers to handy laundry baskets, ensuring that you have all you need for a well-organised laundry routine. With our accessories, sorting and storing laundry during your caravan travels will be a breeze. Our range is designed for ease of use and durability, perfect for those on-the-go laundry tasks. Transform your travel laundry experience today with our top-quality accessories!

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Clothes Hanger Portable - UV Resistant



- Includes 8 coat hangers and 12 peg clips
- Sturdy attachment point with safety clip
- Tough and reliable polypropylene construction
- 600g weight capacity
- UV resistant

Laundry Basket Pop Up



- Collapses down for easy storage to just 8cm high

- Full size when in use, a huge 27cm

- Plenty of space for a full load of laundry.

- Convenient carry handles for wrangling those larger loads too.



Bushranger Snatch Kit, Standard


Snatch Strap
Bushranger® Snatch Straps are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards. All Bushranger straps are Australian tested both in a NATA accredited lab and 4WD field test conditions. Snatch straps are purpose-designed to stretch under intense loads from a moving recovery vehicle. Kinetic energy combined with the elastic properties of the recovery strap work together to pull a disabled vehicle and assist in recovery.

Reinforced Protection | Added protective eyelets to ensure maximum strength when used with shackles and hooks.
Strap Usage Recording Tags | Located with the compliance tags, the usage tags allow you to record and track the number of times the strap is used to help identify fatigue and age of the strap.
Wrap-it Strap | Easy storage wrap it strap, stitched to the snatch strap so it is ready to roll up and use any time.
Compliance | Designed and tested to comply with the latest Australian Consumer Goods [Motor Vehicle Recovery Strap] Safety Standard 2017.
Quality | Manufactured from high-quality nylon material & reinforced stitching.

Bow Shackles
Capacity 3.25 tonne
Tested in accordance to AS2741-2002 SHACKLES; clause 9.2, Appendix D & appendix F

Designed to protect hands, during vehicle recovery
Kevlar reinforced palm patch providing increased protection when working with wire or synthetic rope winch cables
Flexibility for greater comfort
Reinforced wear points

Recovery Bag
Made from heavy-duty polyester material with mesh pockets and webbing straps
Water and dust resistant
Traditional design, to fit in most draw systems and minimise wasted space
Extra storage pockets


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