Inverters, pivotal for efficient energy conversion, are essential in every RV power configuration. Shop RV Parts showcases an array of Dometic inverters designed for a smooth energy transition. Explore our offerings and ensure that every device and system in your RV enjoys consistent and efficient power, making every part of your journey seamlessly illuminated.

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Dometic SinePower MSI 1812T Sine Wave Inverter - 1600 W


This sine wave inverter turns 12V battery power into pure 230V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. The device ensures a trouble-free mobile operation of 230V appliances, including highly sensitive ones. It comes standard with a mains priority circuit.

Dometic Can Size Inverter - 150 W with USB Port


The Dometic Perfect Power MCI-150-12 is a can sized inverter that will transform your 12 volt DC into 240 volt AC supplying energy for low-power devices. It now features a USB port so you can charge your electronic devices. This is the perfect travelling companion as it conveniently fits into your vehicles drink holder and will plug into the 12v socket of any vehicle. The perfect power is safe to use with its overload, short circuit and battery polarity protection system.

Dometic SinePower MSI 412 Sine Wave Inverter - 350 W


This pure sine wave inverter turns 12 V battery power into pure 230 V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. The device ensures a trouble-free mobile operation of appliances such as electric toothbrushes, laptops, TV sets, DVD players, or mobile phone chargers.

Dometic Portable Inverter Generator, 2100 VA


Never be caught without a reliable source of power with the Dometic PGE121 portable inverter generator. The Dometic PGE121 boasts powerful pure sine wave inverter technology with a maximum power output of 2100 VA. Fuel efficiency is maximised and noise is minimised thanks to the clever eco-mode technology which adjusts the engine RPM based on the connected load. You can run even the most sensitive appliances in the way that’s most convenient for you, with three output types available: 12 V DC, 240 V AC, and USB. Moving the PGE121 around the campsite is easy, with built-in wheels and an extended handle ensuring that no heavy lifting is required.

The inverter generator runs all new model Dometic roof top air conditioners including the Harrier Plus, Harrier Lite and Ibis MK4.


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