Insect Protection

Nothing spoils a camping trip more than a horde of mosquitoes stopping by for lunch, or flies settling themselves on your dinner. Unless you want to spend your holiday slapping your arms and fleeing to safety, insect protection is a must. From electric swatters and bug zappers to fly guns of all shapes and sizes, browse our selection of insect protection below and stop putting up with unwelcome visitors.

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Swatter Electric 2 X AA Batteries Included


This is an absolutely ingenious invention, and something bugs will come to fear! Shaped somewhat like a tennis racket, it might look simple enough. But instead of sending tennis balls flying across the court, it will zap any bugs it comes into contact with! Operating on a similar principle to permanently fixed bug zappers, it produces a mild shock which kills bugs on contact. Better than squishing mozzies and having blood and bug-guts everywhere, right? Uses 2 x AA batteries, which are included.


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