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An inflatable tent (or 'air tent') is one of the easiest and most family-friendly ways of camping. We carry a wide range of Dometic inflatable tents, some of the best inflatable tents available in Australia. Designed for easy setup and pack down, Dometic inflatable tents can be inflated manually or with the assistance of a 12v electric air pump.

We have a range of sizes available depending on your needs and desired sleeping capacity, from smaller 4-person tents to larger tents capable of sleeping 6. Some of the best inflatable tents available, Dometic tents are built for Australia's weather conditions and are made from durable materials, including puncture-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane. Inflatable camping tents use inner tubes or 'air poles' in place of traditional poles. As well as being easy to set up, these air poles save weight compared to regular camping tents.

Our range of inflatable tents features blackout bedrooms to ensure you get a good night's sleep, and each tent comes with a set of guy ropes to keep you from flying away in windy weather. Make sure your next camping trip is spent in comfort by choosing one of our Dometic inflatable camping tents.

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Dometic Stradbroke 4 TC AIR, Inflatable Camping Tent, 4-person


The Dometic Stradbroke 4 AIR TC is a spacious 4-person inflatable tent for couples or families. AirFrame technology and strong webbing straps ensures reliable performance and a simple set up. Protect yourself from the elements while enhancing interior comfort thanks to the high-quality Weathershield TC material. Large vented windows increase airflow to help reduce condensation and regulate internal temperature.

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Dometic Daydream 6 AIR Package, Inflatable Camping Tent, 6-person

$1,770.00 $2,329.00

Dometic Daydream 6 Air Inflatable Camping Tent, 6-Person, 3 Year Warranty.

The Dometic Daydream 6 AIR package provides ultimate comfort on your family camping holiday. This inflatable tent will impress with its generous space and how easy it is to set up and pack down. The Dometic Daydream 6 AIR is an inflatable tent designed with AirFrame technology for faster and easier set up without poles. Constructed with durable, lightweight, UV protected and weather-resistant Weathershield 68D material, you will be sheltered from the elements. The enclosed front entrance offers a practical area for creating a large indoor space when the weather is inclement and a large open porch when it's pleasant. Multi-level ventilation points combine with the darkened inner tent to regulate the interior temperature, increase airflow and guarantee a good night's sleep. Each tent package comes as standard with a fitted carpet and footprint. Whether you are planning a long holiday or an unforgettable weekend experience, Dometic has a tent to suit.


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