Eberspacher Diesel Heater AX1 D2, 12V, 801 MOD., SINGLE KIT (Supersedes 292110010034)

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The Eberspacher Diesel Heater Airtronic D2 Single Outlet 12V including 801 modulator Controller delivers 2.2Kw of hot blown air with smooth controllability. It automatically reduces the heat as well as the fan speed as the temperature rises for quiet operation and fuel economy no matter the conditions.

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- Fully electronic microprocessor control
- Continuous monitoring
- Power stage to cut heating times
- Smooth automatic room temperature control with a temperature pre-set facility
- Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation
- More comfort due to wide control range and quiet night time operation
- Diagnostic system
- Includes the Eberspacher 801 Modulator Controller - a digital controller for the Eberspacher diesel air heater range

NOTE: This requires a fuel standpipe or fuel tank that is not included.


Width: 115mm
Height: 122mm
Length: 310mm
Weight: 2.7kg
Electrical Power Consumption: 8 – 34 watts
Voltage: 12 volts

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