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Whether you're looking to upgrade or repair your existing heating setup, our collection of heater accessories and caravan heater parts has everything you need to keep your heating system in top shape. From replacement parts to enhance your heating performance to accessories that add versatility and convenience, our selection of heater accessories has something for everyone.

Browse the range below and find exactly what you need to keep your heater ticking over or take it to the next level.

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Suburban Magnesium Anode Rod for all Suburban HWS - 232767


All Surburban RV Hot Water Systems have an anode rod which absorbs all the corrosive action of hot water. It is located on the bottom of the HWS under the main burner, you simply unscrew this to drain the tank of water. If the rod is mostly eaten away, simply replace it with a new one.

The Suburban Anode Rod is made for use in the 4, 5 & 6 Gallon tanks. Please be aware that some imitation anode rods can cause damage to your Suburban HWS.



- Magnesium anode rod
- For use in RV water heaters
- Absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water
- Extends water heater tank life
- Anode rods should be replaced regularly, keep a spare in your RV

Truma E-Kit 1800W to suit VarioHeat


In addition to the heating power of the Truma VarioHeat, the E-Kit provides another 1800 W. There are two individual heating coils that can be used independently for 900 W of additional heating, or together for the full 1800 W of additional heating power.

Pair the E-Kit with the VarioHeat, using both gas AND electricity for a turbocharged heating result, getting your van super warm faster. Perfect for those nights that are dipping below 0°C!

You can even save your gas and run purely off electricity! Gas is a must-have and precious resource when you are travelling off the beaten track, for hot water, cooking and heating, so you want to ensure you are using it wisely. By attaching an E-Kit to your VarioHeat, you are increasing the capability of your heaters usability. You can save your gas resources by running your heater on electricity, run it off mains in a caravan park or even a generator, the choice is now yours!

- Additional Electric Heater
- Space-saving and light
- Heat your vehicle faster wth additional electric power
- Operate the VarioHeat and the E-Kit with electricity, gas or a mix of both to suit your needs


Truma VarioHeat Additional Set Warm Air


Suits Truma Varioheat

Kit Includes:

2 x Swivelling air outlet SCW
2 black,
1 x Y-pipe 80
1 x Duct VR 72 x 3 meters in one length
3 x Air duct clamps to suit VR 72

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Ofira Diesel Fuel Tank

$195.00 $219.95

The Orifa Fuel Tank is built from heavy duty materials and equipped to store petrol and diesel fuels.


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