Ground Grabba Sand Peg


Anchor your outdoor experiences with the sturdy Ground Grabba Sand Peg. More than a peg, it's a commitment to unshakeable anchoring across any terrain you'll encounter. For the true adventurer, this peg is offers unyielding stability that ensures your shelter will never blow away. Designed to offer a sure footing in sand, dirt and rocky terrain, this rugged tent peg is the ultimate companion on off-grid adventures and explorations deep into the outback. Celebrate its unparalleled stability and resilience and upgrade your camping setup today.

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Ground Grabba screw in pegs are the best pegs for the beach Our Ground Grabba screw in sand peg is ideal for car awnings on the beach, and camping in sandy country.

These tough 400mm fibre glass reinforced plastic screw in pegs won't rust, and the 45mm flute helps to secure the peg in the sand.

These brightly coloured screw in pegs are highly visible to avoid tripping or inquiry.

Easy to screw in and remove from the sand.

Don't go to the beach without them!Features:

Tough fibre glass reinforced plastic
400mm long screw in sand peg
45mm flutes
19mm hex head
Hook to attach strap
Orange for high visability

0.011 kg

5 × 5 × 1 cm

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Ground Grabba Sand Peg