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Stay stocked up on all your gas necessities with our selection of gas products. Our top-tier collection, featuring renowned brands like Truma, BMPRO, and Dometic, ensures you'll never face a gas shortage. Whether you're on a cross-country trip or camping out, our gas products promise an uninterrupted journey.


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Truma Gas Bottle Level Indicator


The Truma levelcheck is held horizontally against the gas cylinder and a status LED turns green if there is gas at the measuring point on the cylinder, or red if there is no gas.

This means it's very easy to establish how full the gas cylinder is.

The ultrasound measurement makes it very precise and reliable.Whilst the device is determining the gas level, the LED display flashes orange, the start and end of the measuring process is indicated by a beep tone.

The practical LED torch that is integrated into the device is an added benefit.

BMPRO SmartSense



Gas bottle level monitor SmartSense takes the guess work out of the question.

Download SmartSense app, synchronise the sensor and attach it to the bottom of the gas cylinder. Now you can get an exact answer right on your smartphone!

Setup the size of your gas bottle or choose from the standard Australian gas bottle sizes. Configure the alarm threshold and the information to be displayed as percentage or centimetres.

Use your smartphone to monitor as many gas bottles as you want, and never run out of gas unexpectedly.

Caravanners running their heaters and fridges on gas; cafe owners using outdoor gas heaters; BBQ lovers and everybody else using liquified gas will find this app to be highly useful and convenient. No more warm water testing, weighing gas bottles or fortune telling - you've got an app for that!

The SmartSense sensor has a standard non-rechargeable 3V round battery CR2032. SmartSense app works on all devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 + Low Energy (BLE).

BMPRO SmartSense Premium



Most of the caravanners don't travel without two gas bottles. With SmartSense premium, you could monitor gas bottle level on both of them, via a single app. SmartSense gas bottle level sensors are compatible with Odyssey and JHub apps, which allow connecting and monitoring up to two devices, which is just perfect for serious travellers!  Alternatively, you could use a standalone SmartSense app, also available to download free of charge.

The SmartSense sensor has a standard non-rechargeable replaceable 3V round battery CR2032. SmartSense app works on all devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 + Low Energy (BLE).

When used as a part of JHub or Odyssey app, SmartSense Premium requires ControlNode103 (for JHub users) or OdysseyLink103 (for Odyssey users).

Dometic Gas Checker - Portable


Cook in comfort, shower without worry, and enjoy all your activities stress-free with the Dometic GasChecker GC100.  At just 30g, you will be able to take this pocket-sized gas level indicator on any adventure.

You can check gas levels when you think of it and at your convenience. You will always know how much gas you have wherever and whenever you want, so there's no excuse to run out of gas ever again!

This hassle-free gas level indicator lets you check gas levels instantly with the green and red LED indicator lights visually showing the cylinder's filling levels. Using two x 1.55 V batteries, this device measures with ease, using ultrasounds to determine gas levels so that you can be prepared for any.


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