Take your media on the road around Australia with Furrion. Furrion manufactures speakers, head units, consoles, amps and other audio equipment and products for your caravan or RV. With beautiful design and built for high-quality sound, Furrion products are made for the future and engineered for adventure.

Our range of Furrion caravan and RV accessories offers luxury quality and design at an affordable price and will keep you entertained on your adventure around Australia. Packed with details, Furrion speakers and head units are the perfect choices for entertaining in your RV or caravan and can be used to listen to your favourite media both inside and outside your caravan or RV. Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth and take control of your audio from anywhere inside or outside your caravan or RV.

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Furrion DV3300 Head Unit with NFC and Bluetooth Connectivity. DV3300


The new DV3300 combines the quality of a home entertainment system with RV functionality, plus next generation two-zone technology, DVD, USB and a front auxiliary input for most audio devices:

- 2 audio zones
- DVD playback
- works with Furrion unimote
- Vibrationsmart™ - designed for vibration resistance
- Climatesmart™ - tested for extreme climates
- Signalsmart - anti-interference static filters


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