Flush Mount Power Inlet Plug Panel 15A IP44 - White


Weatherproof Mains External Hardware

These products are designed to mount to the outside of your caravan and RV to provide 240V inlet or outlet facilities. They are approved and have high level dust and water ingress protection. All are white high impact ABS.

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Power Inlet:  15A (Big Earth Pin) 240V 

This unit is a plug type connector. You plug an extension lead socket into it. It is water/dust ingress rating IP44. It comes with two foam gaskets, one 3mm thick (for smooth sided vans) and a 6mm thick foam gasket to accommodate textured panels. You can use either gasket as a panel cutting template.

The outside cover has a cover/flap which has "Inlet 15A" stamped on it. It closes automatically when not in use.

Warranty:  1 Year 



Height: 110mm
Width:   80mm
50mm clearance is required behind the mounting panel.

Fixing is via 4 x No. 8 x 1/2" countersunk self tappers (not supplied), or
4 x 4.5mm x 12mm metal thread screws if you have access to the inside of the panel.


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Flush Mount Power Inlet Plug Panel 15A IP44 - White




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