Fiamma F45 S Awning D/BL 3.5M, Black Royal Grey


These easy to use and simple to install awnings are a functional and stylish accessory to any caravan. They are sturdy and safe to operate, with an easy to hook winch loop.

When not in use, the F45s take up little space while packed in their black aluminium casing.

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The F45 S with 'Royal' vinyl is the latest release in the Fiamma F45 Awning Range. Using the latest technologies Fiamma have taken all the great features of the earlier models (F45 Ti, F45 i & F45Plus) and made them even better. These easy to use awnings can be operated by a single person and allow you to double your living space in under a minute to make the most of the outdoors. Fully enclosed in a solid case when stowed and with no hardware running down the side of the vehicle these are great for use on Campervans, Motorhomes or any vehicle with a vertically curved wall. From shade screens & sidewalls to a complete annex solution, Fiamma's incorporated design offers a range of options & accessories to customize your outdoor area.


A detachable winder is used to extend the awning. Winding allows the front face of the sturdy case to extend horizontally, like a verandah - pulling the fabric out as it goes. When extended, you then unclip the telescopic legs from within the front face, and they are either pegged to the ground or clipped to base of your RV with the included Lower Leg Brackets.

All awnings come complete with the Standard Bracket Kit which allows the awning to be attached to a vertical face on a Caravan/Motorhome/Gooseneck etc. If the awning is being attached to a curved surface or roof rack you will need to purchase a separate bracket kit OR make a mounting that will accept the Standard Brackets.


Fiamma offer a range of Anti Flap solution; Straight and Curved Roof Rafters provide extra tension to the canopy, eliminating water pooling and noisy flapping caused by wind. The Fast Clip system provides the greatest strength and enables full side walls to be added to form a complete enclosed area (this is included in all Privacy Room Kits)


- Durable Case - Powder coated metal case adds a sleek look to your vehicle while providing extra protection when not in use.
- Double Guide - Allows you to use multiple accessories like Screens, Lights, Storage Organiser's & Tie Down Kits.
- Presto Fix - Enables instant realignment of front bar on closing if needed.
- One Way Drive - Means a perfect close every time.
- Dual Shock Absorber - Protect both your awning and vehicle.
- Extra Strong Arms - Reinforced arms with 3.5mm cable provide a fabric tension up to 32kg.
- Anti-Scratch Canopies - With an anti-scratch coating on both sides of the canopy they are
   hard wearing and UV-resistant to stop fading.
- 1 year warranty.


Case Colour: Deep Black
Weight: 25kg
Re-inforced leg knuckle
Drip moulding
Arms preset for LED
Roller support ensures that canopy remains tight
Extends 2m out from Van

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Fiamma F45 S Awning D/BL 3.5M, Black Royal Grey