eTOURER Adult Bike Helmet - 50-54cm Size Medium - HB25M


Medium ETOURER Adult Bike Helmet - 50-54cm Sizing. HB25M. Designed for cycling sports, street and off-road.

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Helmet Instructions:

The helmet you have just purchased provides protections whether on or off the road. To ensure proper use of this helmet, familiarize yourself with its features, fit and care by carefully reading through this manual before wearing your new helmet.

1. This helmet conforms to the AS/NZS 2063:2008 standard for bicycles helmets.

2. No helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. The helmet is designed to be retained by a strap under the lower jaw.

3.To be effective, a helmet must fit and be worn correctly. To check for correct fit, place helmet on head and make any adjustments indicated. Securely fasten retention system. Grasp the helmet and try to rotate it to the front and rear. A correctly fitted helmet should be comfortable and should not move forward to obscure vision or rearward to expose the forehead.

4. No attachments should be made to the helmet except those recommended by the helmet manufacturer.

5. The helmet is designed to absorb shock by partial destruction of the shell and liner. This damage may not be visible. Therefore, if subjected to a severe blow, the helmet should be destroyed and replaced even if it appears undamaged.

6. The helmet may be damaged and rendered ineffective by petroleum and petroleum products, cleaning agents, paints, adhesives and the like, without the damage being visible to the user.

7. A helmet has a limited lifespan in use and should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear.

8. This helmet should not be used by children while climbing or doing other activities where there is a risk of hanging or strangulation if the child gets trapped while wearing the helmet.


If you cannot adjust your helmet to fit as required by the Proper Fit Guide DO NOT USE THIS HELMET, replace it with a different size.

Once you are satisfied that the helmet fits correctly and that all straps are properly adjusted and tightened, take a short ride. Pay attention to overall comfort and helmet stability while riding. Make any minor adjustments to the fit pads and straps to improve comfort and stability.

Cleaning Your Helmet Use only mild soap and water to clean the helmet, straps and pads. DO NOT use chemicals. DO NOT use solvents, paints and hydrocarbons.

Storing Your Helmet

After each use, allow the helmet to air dry and then store in a cool dry place. Excessive heat can damage the helmet. Direct sunlight, dark gear bags and automobiles can get hot enough to cause heat damage. Damaged helmets will appear to have uneven or bubbly surfaces. DO NOT USE HEAT DAMAGED HELMETS.

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eTOURER Adult Bike Helmet - 50-54cm Size Medium - HB25M




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