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Inverters and adaptors are the silent workhorses of any RV. At Shop RV Parts, we take pride in our extensive collection, designed to ensure every device's power needs are met. Navigate the open roads, confident that your power supply remains consistent, adaptable, and ready for any challenge the journey presents.

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CMS Circuit Breaker Loom Assy With Remote Earth Wire. JCBNW


It comes with a remote earth wire and features CMS' soft-wire interconnecting leads for a fast and simple installation.

Surface Mount Accessory Socket H/D 20A 12V. 81025WBL



- UV stabilised PVC
- Supplied with water resistant rubber cap & gasket
- 1 year warranty

Clipsal (new) White External 10 AMP Power Outlet. V415VFWE


These outlets allow the flap to stay closed when the extension cord is inserted. Comes with a rear foam seal, backing plate and screw caps. This is a different size from older style and should only be used in new applications.

Clipsal Black External 15AMP Power Inlet. CLI435VFS15BK



- Spring-loaded weatherproof flap
- Raised inlet allows use with power leads with weatherproof flange
- Includes rear foam seal
- 1 year warranty

Fixed Pol.Square Surface Socket - White



T style surface mount socket 15A 2 pin polarized for use in 12V to 32V applications.


- Extra Low Voltage
- T Style surface mount
- 12V to 32V

Charger DC/DC Dual Input 12VDC 20A


Designed to manage solar and alternator power inputs to charge an auxiliary (house) battery system. The system will preference solar, providing lower loads on your engine when solar is available. With automatic ignition detection enabled, the system will isolate the starting battery when the engine is off, preventing discharge of your critical starting battery. It's fully automatic, with a set-and-forget type operation. The microprocessor controlled circuit keeps your battery in peak condition, automatically switching between six charging modes; Qualification, Recondition, Bulk, Absorption, Check, and Maintenance. Housed in a heavy-duty aluminium case with mounting bracket, and a front panel with charge status LEDs and push button to select between Lead acid, AGM, Calcium, GEL or LiFePO4 batteries. It handles solar panels with 16 to 25V open circuit voltage, and includes over charge, short circuit, over temperature, reverse polarity, thermal overload, and solar input overload safety protection.

Flush Mount Power Inlet Plug Panel 15A IP44 - White


Power Inlet:  15A (Big Earth Pin) 240V 

This unit is a plug type connector. You plug an extension lead socket into it. It is water/dust ingress rating IP44. It comes with two foam gaskets, one 3mm thick (for smooth sided vans) and a 6mm thick foam gasket to accommodate textured panels. You can use either gasket as a panel cutting template.

The outside cover has a cover/flap which has "Inlet 15A" stamped on it. It closes automatically when not in use.

Warranty:  1 Year 


Battery 12V Monitor Bluetooth


A powerful intelligent battery monitor for smartphones. It's easy to install, simply connect to the battery terminals - that's it! Then install the free to download app on your favourite smartphone, for full real-time display, datalogging, as well as push notifications for low battery voltage warnings and more! Short circuit and reverse polarity protected for safety. Easy to use and convenient.

Lead plug cigarette lighter - 8 plug DC with lead 1.8m


If you've lost your car lighter adaptor cable or need a spare one, then this could be your answer. One end plugs into your car cigarette lighter and the other plugs into the device you want to run. The cable is fitted with a power-on indicator, a safety fuse and is 1.8 metres long. 8 adaptors are included. Unregulated output.


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