Dometic Vacuum Sealing System, 12 & 240V


The Dometic Vacuum Sealer 12/240v is a supremely handy kitchen and storage accessory when caravanning or camping. Whether free camping or staying in a caravan park, you'll be able to make use of this cryovac machine as it can run on both 12V DC and 240V AC power. Vacuum sealer / cryovac machines are especially fantastic when you're on the road, because they enable you to keep your food fresher for longer. You can also use them to keep precious objects like mobile phones dry on your boat, and store your spare hardware bits and bobs.

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This one-touch wonder is super easy to use. Simply place your item in the vacuum bag, and open the sealer lid. Place the end to be sealed in the sealer, and close the lid until it locks in place. Press the start button and in seconds your cryovac bag will be sealed, ready for storage. The best part is the corresponding bags sold separately are re-usable and heat safe, available in two different widths on continuous rolls.



- Easy one-touch operation
- Use on mains 240V power, or camping 12V power
- Keeps food fresher for longer
- Protect precious objects from water
- Removable silicone tray for easily cleaning spilled liquids
- Automatically opens once sealing is complete
- Matching vacuum bag rolls available separately in 2 convenient widths


Width: 380mm
Height: 830mm
Depth: 152mm
Weight: 1.3kg


Power: 12V DC and 240V AC
Cutter Suits: Moist and dry objects
Capacity: max 11inch wide bags (28cm)
Includes: 1 x Vacuum Sealer, 1 x 12v Adaptor, 1 x Bag

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Dometic Vacuum Sealing System, 12 & 240V




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