Dometic Double Cassette Window Blinds - 750x910mm


Experience style, privacy, and protection with Dometic's Mini Double Cassette window blinds. Designed for the Dometic Seitz S7 windows, these blinds offer multiple settings, allowing you to adjust the amount of light and privacy to suit your needs and desires. Whether you want a complete block-out for a good night's sleep or a breathable fly-screen to enjoy the breeze on a hot day, these cassette window blinds ensure you remain in total control of your comfort and ambience. Get yours today and invest in your privacy with Dometic.

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The Mini Double Cassette blinds are a perfect companion for the Seitz S7 windows, providing easy access to the window catches and allowing partial of fully open fly-screen or block-out blind. The screens clip together for the perfect amount of privacy you need at any time.


- Height can be reduced to suit shorter windows
- Top cassette contains fly-screen
- Bottom cassette contains block-out blind
- They extend just 36mm at the widest points into your living space.
- Multiple locking positions
- These are independent of the window and can be used with other windows but consider winders
   or catches that may protrude past the inside wall.
- Mounting is as shown but screws shown are NOT included
- 3 month warranty on all Dometic spare parts.


Overall dimensions:
Width:   775mm
Height: 1005mm

Suits S7P Window:
Width:  700mm
Height: 900mm
Black Fly-screen

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Dometic Double Cassette Window Blinds - 750x910mm




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