Dometic Refrigerator 12V Fan


To achieve maximum cooling performance, fridges must always be sufficiently ventilated. The ventilator set is very helpful especially when outside temperatures are high and there is no shade. If the standard installation can not be applied, you can attach this small ventilator to the back of the cooling unit.

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Standard ventilation not being supplied is bad news when you need top performance from a fridge. To have top cooling performance you need proper ventilation. The Dometic Fan is small, uses only 12 volts, and is easy to install in the back of a cooling unit. Because of its small size it is easy to fit into areas where space is at a premium.


Height: 90mm
Width: 90mm
Depth: 24mm

12 V
Thermostat controlled
Includes fan

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Dometic Refrigerator 12V Fan



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