Dometic Mini Skylight White, Roof Thickness 25-42mm


A vent / hatch from Dometic that will fit into a roof cut out of 400mm x 400mm. Made of unbreakable Polycarbonate and is double glazed, light grey tinted dome.

- With integral blind and fly screen
- Double glazed, light grey tinted
- Durable weatherproof frame
- Gas compliant provides permanent ventilation
- 3 position opening
- 1 Year Warranty

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This sturdy, compact roof light can be opened to three different positions, allowing use even in bad weather! 

Includes optional forced ventilation for plenty of fresh air and separately adjustable fly and darkening screens to keep out unwanted sunlight and insects.


- Using handles, it can be placed in three different positions: fully open, half-open, and bad weather
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens keep light and insects out
- Forced ventilation maximises intake of fresh air
- Insulated dome with single acrylic glazing
- Roof Cut out of 400 x 400 mm
- For Roofs 25 - 42 mm thickness


Width:    20cm
Length:  55cm
Height:   55cm
Weight:  4.30 kg

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Dometic Mini Skylight White, Roof Thickness 25-42mm




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