Dometic Midi Heki Skylight with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome


Step up your mobile living experience with the Dometic Midi Heki Skylight. Fitted with LED lighting, this skylight offers dual hues to suit your mood, while the white-edged double acrylic glazed dome ensures cozy insulation and a sleek finish to complement your caravan's interior. With improved aerodynamics to reduce noise while you're in transit, and seperately adjustable flyscreens and darkening screens, experience the joys of natural light and fresh air, without compromising on insulation or aesthetics.

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A large 700x500mm skylight roof hatch from Dometic, the Midi Heki LED skylight with push bar is perfect for those who want some more natural light and fresh air into your recreational vehicle. This skylight is your ticket to lying under the stars, while being in the comfort of your nice warm RV.

Dometic's Midi Heki skylight does more than just let you smell a crackling fire or listen to the birds sing - it lets air, light and life into your RV, whilst still being responsible for keeping bugs, insects and direct sunlight out.

The LED lighting in the new Dometic Midi Heki can produce both white and blue light at the flick of a switch. The white LED lighting provides strong interior lighting during the evening, creating a homely feel inside your RV. The blue LED lighting, in contrast, is perfect for use during the night, creating a softer light that allows you to find your way through your RV in the early hours of the morning. The new double acrylic glazed dome provides cozy insulation, protecting you against the cold climates that mobile living can throw at you.




Depth:   617mm
Width:   846mm

Cut Out Height:  500mm
Cut Out Width:   700mm
Opening Angle Max: 45°

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Dometic Midi Heki Skylight with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome




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