Dometic Midi Heki Skylight Crank with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome


This new Dometic Midi Heki Roof Hatch with LED comes with a white edged double acrylic glazed dome, along with separately adjustable darkening and fly screens.
Its large 700 x 500 mm opening lets you enjoy the natural light and enjoy the fresh air whilst taking in everything that mobile living has to offer.

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The new look Dometic LED Midi Heki transforms the classic caravan skylight into the complete lighting solution. Fill your RV with natural light and fresh air during the day, and light up the night with adjustable inbuilt LED's.

Designed for complete comfort control the LED Midi Heki roof hatch features a double glazed acrylic dome, with crank handle operation it can be opened to any angle up to 60 degrees. On those not so bright days the signature bad weather setting continues to provides ventilation while preventing rain entry.

The modernised internal frame incorporates a block-out blind, insect screen and adjustable LED lighting. Bright white LED's provide ample lighting for RV living and the blue night light setting is great for after hours navigation.


- Redesigned aerodynamic dome for reduce noise when travelling (Perfect for motorhomes)
- Tinted double glazed dome for added temperature control
- Crank handle allows variable opening up to 60 degree
- Bad weather setting allows ventilation while restricting water entry
- Insect screen and block-out bind for complete indoor comfort
- Multiple mounting kits available - suitable for roof thickness 25mm to 60mm
- 1 year warranty.


Internal Frame Dimensions:
785mm x 575mm

Suits:  700mm x 500mm roof opening
Crank handle model.
Fixed permanent ventilation: 150cm2


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Dometic Midi Heki Skylight Crank with LED Lighting & White Edge Dome




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