Dometic Midi Heki Electric with White Edge Dome


Open up your vehicle to fresh air and light!
This well-insulated roof light boasts convenient features including a fly screen and hassle-free cleaning.

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This Dometic Midi Heki roof light is fantastically convenient thanks to an electric motor for opening and closing the dome. Its double acrylic glazing ensures insualtion when closed and the frame is made from a durable, weather-resistant ASA plastic.

The dome also has an inner frame with separately adjustable darkening blind and fly screen to keep insects out. The Midi Heki is available with or without forced ventilation.


- An electric motor opens and closes the dome
- Dome with double acrylic glazing
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens
- Hassle-free cleaning


Depth:   617mm
Width:   846mm
Net Weight:  9 kg

Cut Out Height:  500mm
Cut Out Width:   700mm
Opening Angle Max: 60°

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Dometic Midi Heki Electric with White Edge Dome




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