Dometic Ibis 4 Inverter Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner with Remote Control, ADB included


Excellent cooling capacity of 2.6 kW
Reduced noise levels compared to previous Dometic air conditioners, even at maximum speed
Adjustable vents for even air distribution
Lightweight rooftop unit at only 40 kg
Four fan speeds, including a turbo speed
Suitable for both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings

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The Dometic Ibis 4 makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top unit. The new-generation compressor with inverter technology used in the Dometic Ibis 4 ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment.

In addition to the performance improvements from the Ibis 3, the Dometic Ibis 4 also features several refinements to the build of the rooftop unit. The shell of the rooftop unit has been redesigned with strong EPP materials to ensure a lightweight build. Weighing in at only 40 kg, the Dometic Ibis 4 is significantly lighter than its predecessor. The length and width have also seen significant reductions in size, resulting in a much more compact rooftop unit. The Dometic Ibis 4 has the option to be fitted to both 400 x 400 mm and 360 x 360 mm roof openings, a first for the Ibis series.


Depth:   1112 mm
Height:   230 mm
Width:    758 mm
Net weight: 40 kg
Input voltage (AC): 220-240 V
Input frequency: 50 Hz


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