Dometic Heki 2 Skylight


This large tilting roof window will allow fresh air and sunlight in while keeping insects out! Adjustable fly and darkening screens give you added control.

- Pneumatic springs for easy opening
- Separately adjustable darkening and fly screens
- Forced ventilation
- Double acrylic glazing

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The Dometic Heki 2 admits lots of light and fresh air into caravans. A roller fly screen and darkening blind are mounted on the inner frame and can be adjusted independently or together.

The window panel is easy to open using a metal bar handle and has pneumatic springs to hold it securely in place. A bad weather position keeps rain out while preventing the wind from lifting the panel.

Enjoy fresh air and light at your own convenience.


Roof thickness Mounting Bracket: You will need to be midful of your rook thickness and the installation kit you require. Some kits will carry an additional cost to the Heki 2.

  • Screws Item no. 25 – 32 mm Grey ∅ 4 x 25 mm Included in the scope of delivery
  • 33 – 39 mm Black ∅ 4 x 32 mm 9104100245
  • 39 – 46 mm Yellow ∅ 4 x 40 mm 9104100246
  • 46 – 53 mm Blue ∅ 4 x 46 mm 9104100247
  • 53 – 60 mm Red ∅ 4 x 52 mm 9104100248


Depth: 790mm
Width: 1080mm
Standard Mount. Material Thickness 1 Min:  25mm
Standard Mount. Material Thickness 1 Max: 32mm
Possible Material Thickness 1 Min:  25mm
Possible Material Thickness 1 Max: 60mm
Ventilation Opening: 115.00cm²

Cut Out Height:  655mm
Cut Out Width:   960mm
Opening Angle Max: 55°
Positions Fixed: 3

Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year

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Dometic Heki 2 Skylight




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