Dometic Dust Reduction System - DRS285


Presenting the Dometic Dust Reduction System. A guardian for your caravan against unwanted airborne particles and Australia's distinctive red dust, this dust reduction is fitted to the roof of your caravan and operates while the vehicle is in motion, with no motor or need for electricity. Whether it's dust, pollen, or other invaders, this rooftop ventilation unit promises cleaner interiors without relying on power. Breathe in the purity and cut down on cleaning times with Dometic and Shop RV Parts.

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The Dometic Dust Reduction System (DRS) is a rooftop ventilation unit which minimises the amount of dust, pollen and other airborne particles entering your Caravan and remain suspended in the air for an extended time after stopping.

To ensure top performance, the Dometic DRS has been developed using advanced computer modelling and has undergone extensive performance testing in Australia's dusty country with some serious impressive results.

The unit is fitted to the roof of the caravan and operates while the vehicle is in motion. There are no motors or electrical parts so there's no need for power.  This non-powered unit works while you are driving by allowing filtered, clean air to enter and pressurise the vehicle which reduces additional dust from entering the RV.  The easiest way to keep your caravan clean.

With a sleek modern design the DRS can be fitted into a range of rooftop openings - from 285 x 285mm to 400 x 400mm.


Overall Dimensions:
Width:   444mm
Height:  245mm
Depth:   473mm
Weight:  5 kg

Suits Cut Outs:
285 x 285mm to 400 x 400mm

Suits Roof Thickness:
30mm - 65mm
Ventilation Opening: 150cm2

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Dometic Dust Reduction System - DRS285




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