Dometic Dlux 34MM Window 1450x550mm


The new double glazed acrylic panel is completely flat rather than the older S4 windows with a raised profile glazing. The Dlux range have maintained the same stylish inner frame as the previous S4s with integrated block-out blind and new black flyscreen.

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The Seitz S4 Dlux window are the latest offering of the popular Seitz S4 range.  The European designed windows feature a sleek new look to fit in perfectly with modern van designs.  The Dlux Window boasts superb workmanship, materials, and operating convenience.  Insulated to help prevent heat loss and reduce noise, the window can be opened to any position.

Enjoy more fresh air and view of the outdoors from your motorhome or caravan.  The Dometic Dlux Window can be opened to any position and boasts a built-in aluminium-coated darkening blind and a fly screen.  As well as adding privacy, shade and keeping insects out, the fly screen and darkening blind can be clipped together for convenience adjustment with one hand. The double acrylic glazing of the window pane and a robust ployurethane frame ensure added comfort thanks to excellent insulation for heat and noise.  A modern flat exterior is a stylish addition to your RV.  While, to ensure security, the safety interlock system means this top-hung hinged window cannot be opened from the outside.


- ADR approval for use in Recreational Vehicles
- Top hinged with telescopic arms for setting at various positions

- Quick installation - the inside frame screws to the outside frame
- Double acrylic borderless glazing - Flat profile
- Black external mounted frame

- Cream/white internal mounted frame includes flyscreen and block-out blinds
- Blind has an off-white interior and reflective aluminium outside
- The safety interlock systems prevents opening from the outside
- Dometic recommends these be closed during rain
- Designed to be installed in 34mm walls








Width:    1450mm
Height:   550mm
Weight:  13.6 kg

Cut-out Size:
Width:   1452mm
Height:  548mm

Suit Wall Thickness:  34mm

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Dometic Dlux 34MM Window 1450x550mm