Dometic CTS 4110 Spare Cassette


Spare cassette waste tank suit the Dometic swivel, ceramic bowl, toilet.

Suits: CTS-3110* and CTS-4110 models

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The ventilation hole has changed from earlier models to provide a better seal. The part that actuates the ventilation connection is a removable white part on the toilet base. This part is included with new cassettes.

Optionally you may remove the ventilation outlet from the old tank and place it in the new tank by rotating 45 degrees. However this will not improve the ventilation seal.

Suits:  Dometic CTS-3110* and CTS-4410 Cassette Toilets  (*CTS-3110 is the previous model to the CTS-4110)


Shipping Dimensions:
30cm x 28cm x 47cm
Shipping Weight:  3.30 Kgs

Suits the CTS-4110 as it comes
Includes an adapter to suit:  CTS-3110

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Dometic CTS 4110 Spare Cassette




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