Dometic CTS 4110 Cassette Toilet


This cassette toilet with its high-quality, scratch-resistant ceramic inlay is designed with recreational vehicles and lifestyles in mind.

- Generous tank capacity of 19L
- It is 30% lighter than purely ceramic toilets
- An anatomically respectful design
- Simple and accessible control panel
- The scratch-resistant ceramic inlay is also easy to clean
- Seat adjustable by up to 90° in both directions to
accommodate space

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This new cassette toilet has an innovative high grade scratch resistant ceramic inlay.

The CTS 4110 is the choice of many as the cassette system enables hygienic waste disposal of a maximum 19 litres.


- Scratch resistant ceramic:  High-quality lightweight ceramic inlay is dirt repellent and easy to clean.
- Optimised Bowl Design:  The ergonomic toilet bowl ensures comfort.
- High Power Flush:  Optimised flush ring and vacuum breaker for impressive flushing capacity.


Depth:   602mm
Height:  496mm
Width:   377mm
Net Weight: 10.4 kg
Tank capacity wastewater:  19L

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Dometic CTS 4110 Cassette Toilet




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