Dometic RTX 2000 - CoolAir 24V DC, Truck Parking Cooler


For those long hauls, trust Dometic's RTX 2000 CoolAir system to keep you cool and comfortable during your journey. Crafted with the trucker in mind, it promises impeccable 24V DC cooling efficiency, day and night. Couple this with whisper-quiet operation and stellar performance and you're guaranteed a restful sleep between drives. Conserve energy and rejuvenate as you prepare for the journey ahead - make the upgrade and redefine comfort on your trucking route with Dometic, one of the most-trusted names in transport.

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A familiar picture in parking areas: truck drivers leaving the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner or to recharge the batteries during their resting periods. This is bad for the environment, and it's also against the law. Tons of fuel are wasted, and fleet operators pay dearly for it, plus it wears down the engine faster. A Dometic CoolAir parking cooler keeps operating costs down. Equally important to fleet owners is the fact that it improves work safety and thus ensures that the driver and freight arrive safe and sound. The CoolAir range includes powerful self-contained air conditioners and a modular split system for tricky installation conditions.

The RTX Truck Parking Air Conditioner comes with an entirely new technology to continue a unique success story. CoolAir compressor parking coolers have been around for over ten years to improve working conditions, safety and cost efficiency in the European utility vehicle industry. The third generation Dometic CoolAir roof air conditioners do that in two convincing ways: it provides more cooling performance and a longer running time while consuming less energy than its predecessor model. In the same range we have the RTX 2000 which generates more than twice the cooling power at the same running time. All of this is possible thanks to the use of a variable speed inverter compressor, which makes for excellent cooling performance and amazingly efficient and quiet operation.

The Dometic CoolAir RTX 1000 creates pleasant temperatures for up to twelve hours before the battery monitor gives advance warning and finally cuts off the power supply to keep the engine ready to start. The even more powerful RTX 2000 uses its ample capacity to face hot temperatures in the truck cabin for up to six hours. Added to this, the CoolAir is amazingly quiet in operation. The two-cylinder compressor works unnoticeably, leaving the driver to rest perfectly to enjoy all the comforts of the parking cooler: the large, high-contrast display, the individually adjustable air distribution, the four operating modes – and the adaptive automatic mode of the air conditioner. Truck drivers are fascinated by the enormous staying power of the CoolAir RTX.


Depth: 645mm
Height: 308mm
Width: 860mm
Net weight: 32kg

Input voltage (DC): 24 V
Cooling capacity (ISO 5151): 2000 W
Power consumption - Cooling mode (ISO 5151): 650 W

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Dometic RTX 2000 - CoolAir 24V DC, Truck Parking Cooler




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