Dometic Cool Ice 56L CI Rotomoulded Icebox


This highly efficient and lightweight icebox can keep ice for several days.

With its thick refrigeration grade foam insulation and unique labyrinth seal design, you can take ice cold refreshments with you - wherever you're going!

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- Thick insulation and unique sealing design means ice lasts longer

- Strong, seamless, food grade polyethylene construction

- Hygienic and easy to clean with large diameter drain plug

- Lightweight and easy to carry with strong ergonomic handles 

- Integrated hinges with stainless steel rods and durable rubber latches

- Practial tie-down points below handles

- Highly effective labyrinth seal

- Integrated polyethylene feet






Depth :   515 mm
Height :  432 mm
Width :   570 mm
Net weight :  10.6 kg

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Dometic Cool Ice 56L CI Rotomoulded Icebox



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