Dometic Cold Machine Cooling Unit for Max. 250L - CU84


This tailor-made cooling solution offers a powerful,
economical and quiet performance.
Designed for medium refrigerator capacities up to 250 Litres.
For use in warmer waters.

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When standard cooling units don’t fit: a tailor-made refrigeration space must be created!  This is an easy task for the Dometic ColdMachine 85, designed for refrigerators up to 250 litres or freezers with a maximum capacity of 70 litres. The stainless steel mounting plate offers durability while the seven suitable evapourator types and one cold accumulator give you flexibility of choice.

A professional unit designed to meet the highest of cooling demands in warmer waters.


- The power regulated compressor increases efficiency
- Supplied with pre-charged refrigerant and self-sealing valve couplings for easy installation.
- The corrosion resistant stainless steel mounting plate offers durability
- Seven evaporator options available
- Very quiet operation
- Not sensitive to tilts
- 12 or 24 V DC


NOTE: Dometic Cold Machines need to be installed by a qualified and licensed tradesperson.


Depth :   130 mm
Height :   160 mm
Width :     386 mm
Weight: 6.000 kg

Input Voltage :  12/24V DC
Rated Input Power :  45W DC
Refrigerant Type :   R134a Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases
GWP :  1430
Refrigerant Amount :  45 g
CO2 Equivalent :  0.064 t
Climate Class :  EN62552) T


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Dometic Cold Machine Cooling Unit for Max. 250L - CU84




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