Dometic CARAD Caravan Door H1750mm RH Glass, Grey


The Dometic CaraD door is a modern caravan door designed with safety in mind. A key feature of the door is its highly resistant safety mesh. Tested by an independent company in Germany, the door can withstand 180 J of impact. The mesh will let air into your caravan without having to sacrifice your security. Another safety feature is the four-point locking system and an easy to operate chrome door lever, which ensures extra protection and comfort when travelling. It also includes a stylish integrated blind that blocks light from entering the caravan and provides additional privacy.

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The Dometic CaraD door is a white sandwich door panel for RVs with an aluminium frame and integrated a high security safety mesh screen, including blind and four point locking system.


- Highly durable glass
- Highly resistant safety mesh
- Four-point locking system
- Easy to operate chrome door lever
- Integrated blind that blocks incoming light


Door Opening Dimensions:
Height: 1715mm
Width:    586mm

Cut Out Dimensions:
Height: 1750mm
Width:    621mm

Wall Thickness:
27 - 28 mm or 35 - 36 mm

Weight:  24kg
Door Hinge: Right Hand Hinge

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Dometic CARAD Caravan Door H1750mm RH Glass, Grey




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