Dometic 70L Fridge or Freezer Dual Zone with Insulated Cover


Dometic’s versatile addition to the portable fridge and freezer range comes with a stylish design, dual zone compartments and is complemented by an efficient interior storage layout that will suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

The full wrap evaporators built into the CFF 70DZ Pack ensures excellent cooling performance and it comes with an insulated cover that provides maximum protection.

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The Dometic CFF 70DZ Pack features dual storage compartments with independent temperature control for simultaneous cooling and freezing in any combination, making it a versatile portable fridge and freezer that is flexible, and remarkably user friendly.

It comes with a digital electronic control system and can keep its interior as low as -18 °C. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between running the CFF 70DZ as a fridge, freezer or both, removing the boundaries when it comes to deciding what to pack for a trip.

The CFF range was designed for more effective use of storage space and temperature distribution, with dimmable digital displays making it easy to set and monitor in any ambient light. The CFF range is a perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast to upgrade from a traditional icebox.

The CFF 70DZ Pack includes an insulated cover that helps protect your fridge or freezer from dirt, dust, sand, moisture, and water splashes. This new insulated cover is the next step in caring for your CFF 70DZ.


Cool and Freeze Simultaneously: 
Dual storage compartments with independent temperature control offer simultaneous cooling and freezing
Can be set between 10°C and -18°C, in either compartment
Fast and excellent oooling or freezing, even in high outside temperatures

Spacious and Flexible Storage:
Store food and drinks effortlessly with removable wire baskets
70 (40/30) Litre of storage for convenient cooling and/or freezing - fits 105 Cans
Compact design ensures excellent range of installations.
Removable Baskets

LED Light:  Energy efficient LED interior light
Dimmable Dual Digital Display - East to Set & Monitor both Compartments

Dual Power:   AC and DC sockets to power the unit

Exterior Storage:  Includes Insulated cover with practical pockets on the outside for storing power leads and other fridge accessories

Easy Access to the Dual Power Sockets:  Cut-out section for easy access to AC and DC sockets

Optimised footprint allows it to be used with the CFX-SLD75 fridge slide

Strong Carry Handles - Can act as safety tie down points & removable if required





Including Handles:
Fridge Length :  914 mm
Fridge Height :   500 mm
Fridge Width:     443 mm

Excluding Handles:
Fridge Length :  785 mm
Fridge Height :   500 mm
Fridge Wideth :  443 mm

Portable Fridge Type :  Dual Zone
Total Capacity : 70 Litres
Fridge Cabinet Material :  Polypropylene - PlasticDimensions
Weight :  26.4 kg

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Dometic 70L Fridge or Freezer Dual Zone with Insulated Cover




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